Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Flow

Dear Readers,

When was the last time you feel really really HAPPY?
Just now, I feel so happy to be able to share my thoughts and feelings with you. Having this blog is almost like creating a new home for me. As you can imagine, I get so excited about little details starting from the template, colour scheme, and my blog contents (LOL, just like creating personal space at home).

Of course, it is a process full of ambiguity and uncertainty (ie., not knowing what to talk about, not knowing who would want to read my daily rambles anyway). However, the good thing about being a beginner is the sense of ease to simply go with the flow and be honest with myself.

Now, I'm really excited about learning how to write (and all sort of things related to blogging). Knowing that I can have the motivation to learn again, somehow helps me to feel good about myself ^-^. I also hope that by doing so, I can eventually improve my 'limited edition' english.

How do you define happiness?
It's really a wonderful feeling if we can feel 'oh-so-sunshine-at heart' without any special reasons (regardless of the external factors). When we are happy, we wake up with a smile. We sing, laugh, and even dance while doing the dishes. When we are happy, the universe seems to speak to us in a different language. We feel 'lighter' when we walk. The air that we breath feels a lot more fresher too. When we are happy, we have faith that we can achieve great things in our life.

It might be hard to feel a true sense of happiness when we are in time of crisis, transition, adaptation, or recovery. We can still smile/laugh on a certain occasion, but inside we might feel a deep void, a sense of darkness/numbness/helplesness/ simply not knowing 'what's wrong?". Perhaps this flowchart could be a wake up call for us:

I realize that no one has ever said that life is going to be easy for me. I also understand that I can't control everything that comes to my way (no matter how hard I try to be organized or to plan in advance). Now, I do believe that God offers many challenges in my life to helps me grow. All I really need to do is to move forward, find areas in my life that I can improve, and begin at least somewhere. The idea is really to achieve at least one thing each day and feel good about myself)

note: I found all the images from tumblr (I forgot to note/record the exact source). If you happen to know the source, please let me know so I can put a proper link/credit (thank you ^-^)


  1. I feel happy when I'm in "leha-leha" position...

  2. hihihi...^-^leha2 is good...real good!