Monday, August 2, 2010

Make It Happen

Dear Bloggers,

Welcome to 'voici-et-voila' !

I'm giving all of you a warm smile ^-^ to begin our friendships and circles of inspiration. My name is Una Amanda (you can simply call me Una). My parents said that my name was originated from latin words Una (means 'The first" or "The One") & Amanda (means "lovely" or "fits to be loved"). I think it's true when they said that a child's name is like a prayer. Somehow, name seems to correspond to one's personality and character. Of course, I'm not going to self-proclaimed as a lovable person (Hahaha...that would certainly sounds so funny and weird ^-^''). What I'm trying to say is I am the type of person who loves to be surrounded by lovely things. I'm also easily impressed or inspired by little wonders, random beauty, and arts in any form.

Today is a my birthday. I personally believe that this is a very special and magical day, because I was born 28 years ago in 2-8-82 (what an interesting number combination right? It's like a mirror reflection). I believe my birthday date explains a lot about me. I am a perfectionist by nature (maybe it is related to 2+8=10). When I was a kid until my university years, I was so obsessed with the idea of obtaining the perfect 10, I wanted the perfect result for almost anything (Thank God, I am more flexible now ^-^). I always love to reflect, love to ask questions (even if I couldn't find the answers), love to see and be inspired by others.

As one of my birthday resolutions, I decide to start blogging (seriously, I've been wanting to do this for quite sometimes and maybe the word 'procrastinator' should be my middle name ^-^''). Until yesterday, I keep giving excuses about why I haven't started blogging. There's a voice inside that keep telling me to wait 'for the right moment' (I'm sure it's the silly perfectionista inside me...haha).

I am so lucky, I have many dear friends that keep encouraging me to start writing. They said, "Why do you have to wait for the right time? Everyday is an opportunity to grab any chance or special meanings that comes to our way. Better Things come to those who don't wait!!"

And so, to celebrate my first start to Make it Happen, I want to share some cute artworks made by evajuliet (from